Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The purpose of this blog

So far in the Bible study we've covered some key points. We've discussed Creation, and most of Genesis. I'm enjoying the different turns and twists we go down, and how we cover more than just what we're reading. I like the way we're interactive and we try to answer each other's questions. I'd like for us to use this blog to further answer questions we discuss in the study, and also to raise further questions or thoughts we have when not doing the study. I have a list of things I've wanted to write up my thoughts on and share, but you know how it is. The world gets in the way. :P I have most of my notes on my laptop, however, and I have e-sword software which has the entire Bible and some other useful study helps, so I'm going to try to organize my thoughts on different topics that have been addressed or that questions have been raised about and share what knowledge I have along with my personal thoughts, opinions, and convictions. I want this to be something we all take part in. I'd like for you all to leave what comments you wish, be it further questions you'd like to discuss as a group or your own knowledge/thoughts/convictions about whatever subject is being discussed. I am in no way trying to present myself as a Bible guru or know-it-all; I'm just trying to make an accessible place for us all to share our thoughts with each other and to encourage further discussion, even when we are unable to meet as often as we would like. This is something we can check in with on our own time. Hopefully it's useful to us! :)

P.S.: If you're interested in the software I mentioned go to www.e-sword.net for a free download. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but I really do highly recommend it. It's SUPER useful!